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england flag emoji

england flag emoji

england flag emoji  English, Welsh and Scottish patriots will soon be able to cheer on their national football team or fly the flag for their home nation with emoji after the three countries’ flags were approved for a release expected this year.

Until now, only the Union Jack flag has been included among the 1,851 emoji cartoons that feature on smartphones and social media sites, much to the disappointment of those who would prefer to fly the Saltire, St George’s Cross or the Red Dragon.

The three flags were approved for introduction at a meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee – the body of technology chiefs that includes Apple, Google and Facebook which decides on standards for new emoji.

The flag for the United Kingdom of Great Britain, which may show as the letters GB on some platforms.

England, Scotland and Wales have their own emoji flags as part of Emoji 5.0.

The United Kingdom emoji is a sequence of the 🇬 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter Gand 🇧 Regional Indicator Symbol Letter B emojis. These display as a single emoji on supported platforms

One user tweeted: “When I type ‘England’ on WhatsApp, the George’s Cross flag comes up above keyboard as it should appear…”

They continued: “But when I send, it’s coming up as a black flag.”

The bewildered app user shared an image of the issue, showcasing the mysterious black flag emojis.

WhatsApp provides an official black flag emoji that looks exactly the same as the one in the user’s image, so it’s not clear if this is simply a bug or hoax

Another Twitter user called PinkPrincess posted: “So why the hell has the Scotland flag on WhatsApp turned Black?”

In her screenshot, there’s a message that clearly depicts a black flag, although it’s impossible to tell whether the emoji was originally inputted as a Scottish flag.


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